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KRISIS is a group that is at the center of a new era in making riddim hits. The trio is carving out a brand new sound that will resonate deeply with audiences across the globe fusing, elements of various Reggae sub-genres along with other modern sounds to create what the group dubbed healing music. Based in Jamaica, KRISIS is made up of 3 Reggae powerhouses who are still redefining riddim culture. The members consist of KR - Knatch Rychus (Niccoy Cunningham), IS - Imar Shepard (Omar Shepherd), and IS - Iyah Syte (Dillon Hines). While the individual members have blossoming careers as solo acts, it is when they combine their talents as KRISIS that their true prowess is fully unveiled and their chemistry is unmatched. A group of highly innovative and talented musicians who are constantly breaking new ground


The term KRISIS can be defined as a turning point, that could be for good or bad. As a group, KRISIS chooses to do the good. The name is also an acronym made from the initials of the group members’ names. Their journey began when Iyah Syte invited Knatch Rychus and Imar Shepard to record on the 24/7 Music Productions Steppers Riddim. The recording engineer Smart kid of Smart kid records suggested to the producer that the trio record a song after noting their good chemistry .Kevin Hill the founder of 24/7 music then helped solidify the group and guide them to a becoming an entity in the reggae scene. Their music embodies their hopes and dreams. As they seek to make music that is meaningful and impacts audiences in a big way. The project allows the talented individuals to fully express themselves and deliver a musical experience that is both unique and engaging and relatable.


KRISIS has an affinity for diverse genres of music embellished and firmly imprinted within. The trio is extremely versatile and able to incorporate, integrate and accentuate their music across a plethora of well-known and niche Genres.


KRISIS has garnered plaudits having released the track “Finally Found’ which was very well received worldwide and gained popularity at weddings. Their other song “Chalice” allows them to fully express their different but complementary vocals and create a contrast that is unique to them. There is no doubt that KRISIS will have a profound effect on the industry with its multifaceted approach to music.


KRISIS released their latest project dubbed “KRISIS Trilogy” on the 17th of September 2021 which also featured the talented Sizzla, Anthony B, and Rachaad Amarjii. The group also released an EP dubbed “Feelings Riddim EP” featuring Chezidek. The trio is also in studio now working on their t entitled the “Voice of Jamaica as well as the KRISIS debut EP. Their Reggae sound is encapsulated by an edgy and trendy modern feel. The talented enigmas will impact and influence many generations to come.

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